Wireless Fire Alarms

Wireless Fire Alarm
There are several advantages to installing wireless fire alarm systems – the main one being that because  there are no wires  – the installation is less disruptive to your existing decor.

The Detectors and Call Points on a wireless system transmit back to the control panel on a Secure wireless radio bandwidth. This eliminates the need to run cables to each of the system  call points and detectors.It is the running of these cables that takes time and causes damage to the building fabric during installation. Thus installing wireless fire alarms saves our clients labour and re decoration costs.

The bandwidth used by the alarm systems can be adjusted to avoid interference with any other nearby systems.

Disruption to Staff, Customers and Tenants during installation is kept to an absolute minimum.

Wireless detectors, sounders or call points can be pre-programmed and it only takes a few minutes to attach each unit where required with 2 screws.


Fitting a wireless fire alarm detector

There is no need to close part of the building during installation of a wireless system, as our engineers will work around usage.

If there is an existing wired system and extra detection is needed i.e. a Hotel that does not have detection and Sounders in the bedrooms, a wireless fire alarm system can be installed alongside.

The wireless system would be linked to the existing system to make the Hotel compliant to L2 BS5839. If either panel then goes to “Fire” the Sounders will activate across both systems.

Full Maintenance Service is available for wireless fire alarms but please note that if we “piggy back” onto an existing system we will need to be the Maintainers of both systems.

We install EMS Wireless Fire Alarm Systems and  we can also install the Sterling Safety Systems range of ‘Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarms’

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