Intelligent Emergency Lighting Systems

The technology for emergency lighting systems still mainly relies on a person making manual monthly ‘flick’ tests to make sure the lights come on when deprived of mains power and then writing results in the Fire Prevention Log Book. 

On small buildings this takes but a few minutes but on larger multi-floored buildings this is a time consuming monthly onerous task.  Technology is now coming up with solutions such as the Lux intelligent System controlled via an App which auto checks and logs its own health.  It creates alerts if anomalies are found in the system.

Lux Intelligent Panel

Advanced Lux Intelligent addressable Emergency Lighting Control System is designed provide a simple yet powerful, reliable and cost effective maintenance solution for testing your emergency lights and maintaining results data for inspection and audit purposes.

Intelligent Emergency Lighting Panel

The provision for emergency lighting is a requirement for non-domestic buildings and is embodied in British and European legislation.

Employers, building owners and occupiers have a legal responsibility to test and maintain their emergency systems to the standards required by the code of practice for emergency Lighting of Premises BS 5266-1 and also EN50172, Emergency Escape Lighting Systems.

It supports both maintained, non-maintained and slave luminaires in either self-contained, central battery or static inverter systems. It supports all of the Advanced Lux Intelligent range of fittings. On top of this, Lux Intelligent modules can be added to almost any luminaires to allow them to fully function on
the Lux Intelligent system.

The control panel has a dynamic event log of 1000 events as well as a separate log for recording of test results. Records of all automatic (and manual) tests are generated and can be downloaded by connecting to a computer and using the appropriate Lux Intelligent Logger tool. The data is then transferred to a database on a PC for subsequent analysis listing and printing. Once the data is there, there is also the opportunity of transferring this information up to the Lux Intelligent cloud using the Lux Intelligent sync tool. Through the Lux Intelligent app it becomes very easy to share and use this information.



  • Each panel can support 996 luminaires
  • Advanced graphical LCD user interface
  • Loop powered communications
  • Dedicated RS232 port supporting various modes of access
  • 5 Amp power supply and charger to EN54-4
  • Fit and forget panel, using your ‘My Lux Intelligent’ account to
    manage your emergency lighting
  • 32 characters for zone text and 26 for each luminaire
  • Networks can contain up to 200 panels
  • 400 Individual tests can be spread across up to 50 test groups
  • Up to 200 Zones available across each panel
  • 1000 event and diagnostic log
  • 24/7 monitoring, including cloud service and mobile app

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