AOV Smoke and Heat Venting System Installation

Whether they be AOV’s, SHEV’S or are identified by some other acronyms, we are talking about  systems for venting heat and smoke through manual or automatic means from buildings.

The planning authorities will make it a condition for granting planning permission in a large range of buildings from blocks of flats, offices and even some single family homes which can fall within the appropriate definitions as per the Governments Statutory Guidance at their Fire Safety: Approved Document B

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approved document B

These systems will be incorporated into the building at the design stage and there are a wide variety of designs and manufacturers equipment to keep the escape routes relatively clear of smoke, fumes and heat should a fire unfortunately occur, depending on the internal configuration of the building and the escape routes.

Approved AOV Installer 

ITS are approved installers of the Easivent AOV systems from SCS Group.

We can design and install a system to your exact requirements ensuring the safety of your building occupants and adherence to any regulatory stipulations.

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AOV System Servicing.

As well as designing and installing new systems, we can laso service and maintain existing smoke vent systems.

See our page on Smoke Vent Servicing

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