Fire Proof Safes

Fireproof Safe
We offer a wide range of fire proof safes from the leading brand name in safes – Chubb.

These range from small safes suitable for storing valuables and important documents in the home to larger models suitable for safe storage of company papers, cash and valuables for business premises.

We can supply the safes and arrange for fitting if required.



Fireproof Safe
Chubb Sahes Trusted the world over, Chubb is the oldest brand for safes, vaults and vault doors in the world.

Chubb safes solutions are well known and appreciated for their unique combination of robustness, reliability and modern designs.

Click on the PDF link to download the 2018 Catalogue of all available Chub safes together with a guide to choosing the right safe for your needs.

You can also download the individual PDS for the various ranges of safes:-

  • Custodian
  • DuoGuard
  • ProGuard
  • Trident

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