Hotel Fire Alarms

ITS Fire specialise in the supply, fitting, commissioning and maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems in Hotels, Buildings with Accommodation, and Commercial Buildings in General.

Our comprehensive range of Wireless Fire Alarm Systems are ideal for retro fitting into hotels. There is absolutely minimum disruption to your business whilst fitting takes place as detectors have no wires and only need 2 screws.


Hotel Fire Alarm
To help here is a short précis of some of the responsibilities for business people.

The new Fire Safety Order demands that the “Responsible Person” has a current Fire Risk Assessment in place in which it will detail all such matters together with the fitting and maintenance of:

The necessity for a working L1 or L2 Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System as per BS5839 standard and installed by a ‘competent person’.

Under the mandatory terms of the Disability Discrimination Act, effective 1st October 2004, all Hoteliers are obliged to make provision for the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing.

See the solutions ITS Fire can offer hotels for special fire alarms for the deaf and blind.

  • Fire Fighting Equipment such as extinguishers etc
  • Emergency Lighting supplied and fitted as per BS5266 standard
  • Signage for escape routes and exits
  • Special Needs Guests must also be catered for and the design of the AFD&A system must take them into account.
  • Such systems are certificated by the installer as a ‘competent person’ as compliant and must be checked and maintained regularly again with a ‘certificate’ of such checks being made.
  • Any faults or changes to the premises should be immediately reported for repair and alterations to the system to be put in hand. Again certification from the ‘competent person’ is required.

The Fire Safety Order concerns itself mainly with the safety of all people in or on the premises which are your responsibility, and the provision of letting everyone  know at the earliest opportunity of a Fire having a means for them to safely evacuate your premises.

After that responsibility has been fulfilled there is also a further business need to minimise the damage to your business and hotel buildings by limiting as far as possible the physical damage caused and to do this the Brigade needs to be called automatically by your AFD&A Hotel Fire Alarm System using a Redcare autodial feature.

The earlier the Brigade arrive the more chance there is of their gaining control of a fire, minimising damage to the structure and minimising risk to themselves.

ITS Fire can help you fulfil your legal obligations and probably save you money.

See details of our Wireless Fire Alarms which are highly suited to hotels as there is far less disruption in fitting devices. Existing systems can be easily expanded using wireless components giving greater coverage and safety.

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