Fire Risk Assessments

We can arrange for your Fire Risk Assessments to be carried out and professionally documented and we are also able to offer competitively priced remedial/compliance works as identified providing clients with a ‘One Stop Shop’ solution.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005(FSO) made it compulsory for the ‘Responsible Person’ of a Commercial building to consider and manage the ‘Risks’ incumbent in the building to safeguard the wellbeing of all persons in the building at the time of an emergency (but don’t forget your Insurers may have requirements to mitigate their risks).

The ‘Risk’, is quantified by way of a ‘Fire Risk Assessment’, and will be the first document the authorities will want to see at any inspection.


Failure to comply with the FSO will result in the ‘Responsible Person’ becoming subject to various sanctions that the authorities have at their disposal to ensure conformity, since the FSO came into force, any prosecutions are dealt with via the Criminal Court System.

Generally the premises concerned are those premises where more than 5 persons are employed, commercially let residential premises, be they purpose built on house conversions, owner occupied or rented blocks of flats with common parts, managed by Agents, or some kind of Resident Organisation.

The production of a Fire Risk Assessment is not restricted to professionals, but can be completed by the ‘Responsible Person’, if they are competent. It comprises of 5 stages:-

Having identified the risks relating to the building in question, action must be taken without delay to remedy the deficiencies identified.

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Fire Warden Training

Lack of trained staff as Fire Wardens is a recurrent problem for employers, it is a failing regularly highlighted during the Fire Risk Assessment process.

Sufficient Trained Fire Wardens is an important part of your fire safety action planning. There are trainers who will charge a per head fee for every person attending their course at their premises, but I would suggest the most cost-efficient way to train staff if you have several needing training is for our trainer to attend your premises where they can instruct a class of up to 15 persons in Fire Warden duties.

The training session will cover responsibilities as a ‘Fire Warden’, how to use Fire Extinguishers and to evacuate the premises quickly and safely, and how to call out the Fire and Rescue Services should it be necessary.

The investment in their training will ensure that your staff know how to check equipment, escape routes and keep the building safe for staff and visitors.

Pricing starts from £500.00 plus Vat per class, but may increase, depending on travelling time and distance to your premises.

The same Instructor can complete an up to date Fire Risk Assessment whilst on your premises, additional fees apply.

To book a course please contact Chris on [email protected]

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