Internal and External Fire Doors

Fire Resisting Doors

Often your Fire Risk Assessor will point out that the fire doors leading onto the escape route of a building or rented properties do not conform to the standard known as FD30S (which indicates a 30 minute resistant structure fitted with cold smoke seals).

Hopefully this can mean that cold smoke seals, new door furniture , a door closer or a better fitting door is all that is required to upgrade the existing fire doors into something that conforms but what if it needs more?

If you manage a block of rented flats with say 2 entrances leading to 2 flats per floor over 4 floors you are talking 16 doors are non compliant and may need changing.


Internal Fire Doors

You then have to consider maybe replacing all the flat entrance doors to become compliant and you then need to consider:

  • A new compliant fire door maybe heavier and thicker and therefore may not fit into the existing frame
  • Need new frame
  • Need new furniture
  • Need cold smoke seals
  • Need door closer
  • Need fitting
  • Need Decoration
  • Not needed but there will most probably be 16 disgruntled tenants who have to go to work to pay their rent, but whose life is disrupted whilst this work is done, and therefore may not even co-operate resulting in increased costs.
  • Plus a disgruntled Landlord who is going to have to pick up a bill of 16 x £1000 plus Vat., and the hassle of dealing with disgruntled tenants.

We cannot wave a magic wand to make this problem once identified go away but via Agents we are able to provide best price solutions to solve door and other works to help provide Landlords and their Managing Agents with a project management option.

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See our Page titled Landlords and Managing Agents on this website.

External Fire Doors
Supply and Fit Fire Doors

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