Radio Fire Alarms

Radio based wire-free Fire alarms offer a solution on premises where it is not practicable to disrupt a building whilst engineers cable in a conventional system.

Wire free systems offer unique benefits in that the sensors can be quickly put in place with very little damage caused to the building fabric.

There are no expensive Fire resistant cables to consider and the system can easily be upgraded if the building is re-configured and even moved to another site should you wish.

Radio Fire Alarm

Full analogue addressable systems are available and range from 4 to 96 zones in size. These systems are fully networkable with radio lan, and have a wide range of devices available.

The radio frequencies used are licence free and the equipment is fully approved. The technology is well tried and the UHF radio frequencies used have never been known to have had an interference triggered false alarm.

See details of the EMS Wireless Fire Alarms

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