EMS Wireless Fire Alarms

The EMS Firecell range is a very versatile wireless fire alarm system giving full analogue addressable fire detection.

The features of the EMS Firecell make it one of the most advanced fire detection systems available on the market today and ITS Fire highly recommend it to our clients.

The system uses industry standard wireless sensors, each being powered with an alkaline battery pack. Each wireless sensor communicates with the system control panel using secure, fully compliant, dual frequency signalling.

A wireless fire alarm system comprises of :-

  1. Wireless sensors
  2. Fire Alarm Control Panel
  3. Ancillaries
  4. Network & Paging Devices.

Ems Wireless Fire Alarm Sensors

EMS wireless fire Sensors are based on industry standard devices. They have no visible aerials and are of low profile aesthetically pleasing design.

Various sensors are available depending on the requirements of the situation. These include Optical smoke detectors, heat detectors and various combinations.

They can include a base sounder or voice sounder. Most sensors can be fitted in less than 10 minutes and ITS will survey your requirements and then recommend the most suitable cost effective solution.

EMS Wireless Fire Alarm Controllers

The FireCell controllers are the brains of the wireless system and meet all the requirements of BS5839 part 4 and EN54/2.

These controllers are suitable for installation in almost any type of building, easily matching and in many cases exceeding the performance of wired systems without all the disruption associated with running wires at installation.

Each controller can have 252 radio devices connected and have a simple menu driven user interface with zonal LEDs.

The controllers are available in 4, 12, 24 and 96 zone versions so there will be one to cover your needs.

All controllers can be networked either by radio or hard wired.

 EMS Ancillaries

The Firecell systems are supported by a range of radio based wireless ancillaries. All are fully monitored and field devices are powered with alkaline battery packs typically giving 5 years power.

The range include:-

  • Addressable Callpoint
  • Electronic sounder
  • Voice Sounder – pre-recorded voice messages in addition to alarm tone.
  • Audio Evacuation Module – public address facility.
  • Strobe Beacon
  • Combined Sounder Strobe
  • Addressable I/O unit
  • Addressable remote sounder module
  • Radio range extenders.

Whatever your needs, EMS offer high quality components and ITS Fire can survey your needs and offer the best in wireless fire alarm systems.

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