Hotel Fire Alarms for Deaf & Blind

Under the mandatory terms of the Disability Discrimination Act, Hotels, Guest houses etc are obliged to make extra arrangements to protect people falling within the scope of the act i.e. the deaf, hard of hearing and the blind.

Larger hotels may install the required extra facilities in a number of rooms to cater for this requirement.

ITS fire can install specialised equipment that “bolts-on” to the existing fire alarm facilities and gives specialised signalling to deaf and the blind  customers in case of an alarm activation.

Fire Safe System

The Fire Safe interface provides early warning of fire to deaf and hard of hearing people who live, work or socialise in buildings where a commercial type BS:5839-1 fire warming system is installed.

The Fire Safe panel complies with current legislation and links to existing fire alarm panels via a volt free relay.

This provides an integral radio transmitter giving up to 1000 meters range in open air, with good coverage in all types of buildings.

This is used to send signals to various receivers that are utilised by deaf people.

 SignWave Portable Sounder Flasher

The SignWave portable flasher is easy to use and ergonomically designed for both Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. The receiver uses the on-board strobe and variable sound frequencies.

Once the Signwave is placed in its bedside charger, an optional vibrating pillow pad will operate to help wake the user if a signal is received during the night.

Pager Unit

Lightweight and discreet, this fully portable pager unit with integral rechargeable battery is worn by the user on a  belt, in a  pocket or with the neck cord supplied.

Used in conjunction with the FireSafe system, the pager will enable the user to be notified of activation of Fire Alarm systems in residential and Commercial accommodation and in the workplace so meeting the requirements of the need to ensure equal safety provision for the Daef, Deaf/Blind and Hard of Hearing.

For more information on any of the above systems, contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff for advice.

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